Breakfast Club

Our U9-U11 Breakfast Club program is designed to fit seamlessly into busy schedules, offering skill development beyond what regular team practices can provide. Our focus is on the fundamentals that often get overlooked during the season. Every skate will consist of our two Ex pro players, Matt MacKenzie and Kris Foucault. 

Our program ensures that your child works on essential skills that are not typically worked on during the regular season. Additionally, studies show that physical activity in the morning boosts focus, energy levels, and overall well-being for the rest of your day, making the Breakfast Club a perfect addition to your child's routine. This combination of specialized coaching and the benefits of regular exercise creates an ideal environment for your child to enhance their hockey skills and overall health.

- Each player will receive a K&M Hockey Jersey 

- Each skate will take place in High river at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex 

- Cost per month $220.00 (Gst Inc. 4 skates)

- Half Year $550.OO  (Gst inc. 11 skates)  

- Cost per year $950.00 (Gst inc. 21 skates)